The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy

The Jubilee of Mercy 2016 was announced by Pope Francis on April 11, 2015. The Jubilee of Mercy is not an “ordinary” jubilee that is celebrated every 25 years. Instead, this jubilee is considered “extraordinary,” meaning that the Church proclaimed it in order to celebrate outstanding events. The central theme will be mercy, with the motto “Merciful like the Father” at its core. Many special events will be taking place throughout the Holy Year. These events will commence on December 8th 2015 and run until November 20th of 2016. For example, each of the four Papal Basilicas in Rome has holy doors. These doors are normally sealed shut and are only opened in celebration of a Jubilee.  During the Jubilee of Mercy 2016, all four of these doors will be opened in order for pilgrims to pass through. If one passes through each of the four doors, a plenary indulgence associated with the Jubilee will be granted to the pilgrim. In order to see a schedule of events, including the opening dates of the basilica doors, please see our Events Calendar tab.  

The Vatican has published a website dedicated to the Jubilee of Mercy. Here you can find official information regarding the calendar and events, and channels for official communications with the Vatican.

You can access it by following this link:

Typically, Rome welcomes around 7 million visitors per year. During a Jubilee year up to 24 million visitors will be anticipated. The USO Rome is ready to assist you in making your pilgrimage or holiday to Rome an enjoyable one.

In order to plan your travel to Rome during the Jubilee year, we strongly recommend early planning and booking with a minimum advance of 3 months before your trip (4 months for groups with more than 10 people).  


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