Directions to the USO Rome
USO Rome Center
Via Vespasiano 44, Roma 00192

Please follow this link for our location on a map: 

Going By Car:
When you reach Rome, exit the autostrada (Highway) and enter the beltway (ring around Rome) which is called G.R.A. (Grande Raccordo Anulare). Once on the GRA, follow the signs for FIUMICINO. Look for the Uscita 1 - Aurelio (Exit 1). Go straight out the Aurelia (approximately 3 miles) until you reach a big intersection with OVIESSE (dept store) on the right and McDonalds on the left go straight across the intersection and stay right always following the Aurelia. Stay straight on the Aurelia till you see the VATICAN WALL in front of you at that point all the traffic bears to the left and just follow the wall all the way down the hill to the traffic light and make a right this brings you into Piazza Risorgimento just pass the traffic light and continue all the way around until you see the store FOOT LOCKER on the corner. Just continue straight to the very next corner and take a right - this is VIA VESPASIANO. We are number 44 about 2 blocks up on the left right next to the piano store on the corner.
Going by Plane:
Getting to the USO from Fiumicino Airport (also known as Leonardo DaVinci) is not difficult. Check inside the airport for the sign that indicates FS(airport train).Before reaching the airport train terminal you will need Euros to purchase your ticket. There is a cambio (bank) inside the airport terminal. This train run every 20 minutes from 6:30 0 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. schedules are subject to change) The cost for one ticket one way is approximately Euro 10.00 Once you've arrived at the train station (Termini) walk out to the front parking lot.
You can take a taxi. If you choose to take a taxi, make sure it is either yellow or white, says "taxi" on it and has a meter inside. There may be people who approach you at the station and ask you if you need a taxi or offer information. IGNORE EVERYONE and walk out in front of the station where you'll see the taxis lined up.Current taxi rates starts approximately at 3,31 euro plus a baggage fee. Note that before 7AM and after 8PM there is an extra charge. We suggest that if you are traveling with luggage the best way to reach USO or your destination is by taxi.

Going By Public Transportation:
Getting to the USO from the main train station Termini you may take either bus #64 or bus #40 from Piazza dei Cinquecento.  If you are taking bus #64, your stop will be Via Porta Cavalleggeri. Once you get off the bus, you will need to walk across St. Peter's Basilica. Facing the Basilica you will need to go through the arches to the right of St. Peter's. You will now be on Via Porta Angelica - follow straight until the end of the wall and cross over the square at this point you will see the store FOOT LOCKER.  Go left in front of FOOT LOCKER continue to the next corner and take a right this will be VIA VESPASANO.  We are two blocks up on the left - number 44, next to the piano store on the corner.

The easiest and quickest way to get around Rome, is the subway system, Metropolitana. There are two lines (A and B) which cross the city. Coming from the main train station Termini you will need to take Line A and your stop will be Ottaviano station.
You will see the sign "Vaticano and St. Peter's Basilica" direction sign as you exit the metro. Go down OTTAVIANO until you see CASTROINI on the right hand corner (it's a big café) take a right go to the very next corner and take another right and look across the street - we are number 44.

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