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The streets near the Vatican are paved with bars and pizzerie that serve mediocre sandwiches at inflated prices. For far better and much cheaper food, head to the residential district a few blocks north and east of the Vatican Museums, home to specialty shops with fresh bread and pastries and small family-run osterie. For picnic supplies, try the immense indoor market on V. Cola di Rienzo.

Prati Neighborhood

La Locanda di Pietro, Via Veniero, 28c ph. +39 0687784145

At the Locanda di Pietro offer dishes made with selected and genuine raw materials. They serve seasonal vegetables and our fish is chosen daily by our chef to ensure its freshness. They use real extra virgin Italian olive oil of superior quality with our dishes. 
The bread is made on the premises made with stone ground flour, wholemeal flour and bran and pizza is prepared with natural yeast. The dough is left to leaven for over 48 hours. 
Our chef, Roberto Cipolla, is a director and restaurant consultant with thirty years of experience in Italy and abroad. He was 13 when he felt he had a strong calling to this career. He prepared himself professionally by studying at the national catering college and working both in the kitchen and in the dining room. While he has had experience of many types of cuisine, he still prefers Mediterranean cuisine, the absence of animal fat, cooking the freshest ingredients lightly, delicate sauces made from fresh herbs, vegetables, soups, pizzas and home-made bread, in short a meeting with the past in these modern times. He has published the cookery book “Sapori Antichi in Tempi Moderni” 

Franchi, V. Cola di Rienzo, 200-204 (;

Benedeto Franchi ("Frankie") has been serving the happy citizens of Prati superb tavola calda, prepared sandwiches, and other luxurious picnic supplies for nearly 50 years, and not an unsatisfied customer yet. Delicacies include supplì (fried balls of veggies, mozzarella, and rice or potato, marinated munchies (anchovies, peppers, olives, and salmon, all sold by the kilo), and pastas like vegetarian lasagna and cannellini stuffed with ricotta and beef. More expensive than buying bread and cheese for a midday snack, but certainly cheaper and better than most Vatican area restaurants and snack bars. Open M-Sa 8:15am-9pm. AmEx/MC/V.

Da Vito e Dina , Via degli Scipioni 50 (Closed Tuesdays)

Da Vito e Dina is a family-run and casual osteria. Located just around the corner from the USO Rome Center, it is well liked by our patrons. Guests enjoy the typically Roman style food, especially the pizzas and pasta selections. Vito's is a family friendly restaurant.

Osteria Delle Commari, Via Santamaura, 23 (Open daily)

Osteria delle Commari is located just blocks from the Vatican. The restaurant serves traditional roman cuisine and seasonal ingredients with a touch of innovation and creativity. On the menu you will find classic roman dishes, and homemade deserts. The wine list is extensive, and has a selection fit for the most epicurious. Tables are available outside during good weather.

Il Gianfornaio , Via dei Gracchi 179 (Mon-Sat 08.00-21.00, Sun 09.00-15.00)

In Italian, the word "fornaio" means "baker". At Il Gianfornaio, you will find freshly baked breads and pastries. One of four locations in Rome, Il Gianfornaio is a hit among local residents.  Stop in for a delicious meal in their restaurant, or to-go options are available if you prefer a take away breakfast or lunch. If you find yourself here in the evening, do enjoy a traditional Italian "Aperitivo". From the hours of 18.00 to 20.30 enjoy a cocktail with friends, and help yourself to the buffet of traditional finger foods. These range from crostini to pizzette and other hot and cold options.

200 Gradi, Piazza del Risorgimento 3

200 Gradi, or 200 Degrees, is widely renowned for their delicious sandwiches. A reinvention of the traditional Roman sandwich, 200 Gradi incorporates tradition and invention into their creations. It is possible to pick from their fresh and hand selected ingredients to curate and personalize your own sandwich. The posibilities are endless, and there is a combination for any palate. They have many sauces to choose from, and specially made bread. At 200 Gradi, the bread is produced specially for their business, and baked at exactly 200 degrees. Also a cafe, it is a great place to stop for a snack at any time.

Near the Colosseum

Le Terme del Colosseo, Via del Cardello 13/A

Le Terme del Colosseo "The Baths of the Colosseum," has stunning arched ceilings with exposed stone. The architecture of the restaurant is complimented by live shows and traditional italian music. It is located just blocks away from the Colosseum. It serves traditional Roman food in an elegant setting. A fun experience, Le Terme del Colosseo is a large restaurant and perfect for a group.


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